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Avana`s Licensing Services

Avana`s licensing service offers you the ability to become a corporate authorized representative of Avana Financial Solutions Pty Ltd – AFSL No: 516325. We are assembling a community of financial advisors that believe in our purpose: “to blend outstanding advisors, future proof technology and customer centric products/service to protect and grow the wealth of our customers”. Here are five key unique differentiating capabilities that Avana has designed to deliver to our community of authorized corporate representatives:


What does it take to join the Avana Community of Advisors?

Avana vision is “to be the preferred financial service licensee by 2025”. Therefore, we are very careful with regard to who we authorise to operate under our licence. The following are key requirements you need to fulfil to join the Avana Community of Advisors:

• Entity Suitability

• Capability Suitability

• Culture Suitability

• Governance and Compliance Suitability

After you pass the above requirements and you have been authorized under our license your would need to maintain a number of ongoing requirements such as:

• Ongoing Governance and Compliance

• Revenue Growth

• Learning & Growth

• Service Quality Standards

If you would like to understand what these requirements mean for you and your business, please contact our Community Manager today by completing this form.


The Process of Joining the Avana Advisor Community

The strength of the Avana Advisor Community is as good as its weakest link. The advisor acquisition and onboarding process is rigorous, and it could be lengthy with no guaranteed outcomes. The diagram below illustrates the process to join our advisor community:

Expression of Interest
(EOI) Phase

Suitability Discovery


๏ Due Diligence
๏ Payment
๏ Culture Assessment


Signing of Agreement


๏ System Set Up
๏ Registration
๏ Induction


Activation Support
You can start the process by completing the Expression of Interest (EOI) Form or simply contact of Community Manager today to find out more.