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Jason Davis

Jason Valentine Davis – Founder & Managing Director

Jason is the founder and Managing Director of Avana. He has extensive practical experience in the financial services sector, with over 25 years of experience in finance, funds management, compliance, financial planning, mortgage broking and accounting.

In his capacity as a financial planner, he has provided advice and assistance to clients regarding securities, managed investment scheme interests, insurance, government debentures, deposit products, non-cash payment products, derivatives, life products, RSAs, margin lending facilities and superannuation.
Jason is studied
๏ Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) – 2005 - Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited
๏ Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) – 2006 ๏ Tribeca
๏ Postgraduate Diploma in Finance – 2002 - The University of Melbourne
๏ Graduate Diploma in Accounting – 2004 - La Trobe University
๏ Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) – 2012 - PRET Australia
๏ Diploma of Finance and / Mortgage Broking Management - May 2012 - AAMC Training Group
Jason is member of
๏ Self-Managed Super Fund Association of Australia.
๏ Mortgage Finance Association of Australia.
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Sharon Kennedy – Responsible Manager

A financial adviser for the past 13 years, with almost 40 years’ experience within the superannuation and life insurance sector, Sharon brings to her role extensive experience and knowledge within the financial services industry. Her professional areas of interest include Self-Managed Super Funds, Downsizing, Aged Care and Strategic Advice.
As a responsible manager of Avana, Sharon believes ongoing professional learning to stay up to date within the industry is vital. As such, Sharon has successfully completed the following:
- Master of Financial Planning
- Ethics and Professionalism in Financial Advice
- SMSF Statement of Attainment
- Accredited Aged Care Professional
- TASA and the TPB Code of Professional Conduct
- Tax Financial Adviser
- Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning
- Graduate Certificate of Financial Planning
- Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
- Diploma of Financial Planning
Sharon takes a measured, honest and caring approach in all of her work and is an essential member of our growing Avana team.

On why she is a financial planner – “After having met with a financial planner in my late 30's, I left feeling overwhelmed and annoyed as my opinions were not considered. I spend my time asking my clients to tell me about their lives, their fears, their dreams and their goals so I understand them. I challenge them to think about everything more logically, not emotionally, so they can make conscious financial decisions. This is the most rewarding part of what I do”
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Jo Leditschke – Compliance Manager

Jo is the Compliance Manager within Avana and has over 14 years’ experience in financial advice. Prior to joining Avana Jo held a number of roles with major licensees, including as a Paraplanner, Financial Adviser and Senior Consultant.
More recently, Jo has focused on compliance and providing assistance to advisers and licensees with monitoring and supervision.
Jo’s pragmatic approach, deep knowledge of financial advice regulatory requirements, keen work ethic and enthusiasm for the advice industry has made her a valued resource to the Avana Team.

Some of Jo’s professional and industry experience includes:

• Seconded with a major regional bank and a large national financial advice business to conduct financial advice compliance reviews as part of the licence’s remediation program. This included the review of the advice for compliance with Best Interest Duty and Related Obligations, determining the necessary remedial actions and calculating compensation where required.
• Jo has previously worked on a Big 4 banks project to shift components of their paraplanning function offshore. Responsibilities included development of the process, testing and trails of the paraplanning process map.
• Jo has worked with a major licensees’ pre-vet function, to review the quality and compliance of advice provided by advisers.
• Assessing financial advice files for a number of large advice licenses as well as working with ASIC as part of their boarder monitoring and supervision program.
• Jo has managed a team of Paraplanners and was the technical SME responsible for answering questions from the Paraplanning team. This included training and teaching Paraplanners on the use of financial software and modelling including Xtools Plus.

Certificates and Professional Memberships

• Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning)
• Advanced Diploma of Financial Services.
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Georgia Mara – Business Development Manager

As the dedicated Business Development Manager of Avana, Georgia brings to the team several years of experience across sales and client service management within the finance and insurances sector.
Georgia takes a pragmatic and enthusiastic approach to her work; she enjoys organising and understanding all aspects of the business to the best of her ability in order to best support the team. Georgia is a great addition to Avana as we look to grow whilst also continuing to build upon the relationships with our current and valued advisers.

Certificates and Professional Memberships

• Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Accounting)
• Kaplan Diploma of Financial Planning
• RG146 Tier 1 Insurance Broking